Monday, May 25, 2009

A really beatiful story...

I came across this link yesterday and can't help to talk about it. It is photo galley with a story, about a man and with his father who was counting his final days. It really reminds me of my dad, and I am so totally touched because I could say I've went through the same journey, more than 90% the similarities. I totally understand how the guy feels. No matter how many times I read the story, my eyes are always bulging with tears. Rest in peace dad, we really miss you...

Days with my father

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Raining In The Hot Sun

Have you ever feel like Humpty Dumpty off the wall...?

Have you ever feel like the world is turning its back on you...?

Have you ever feel like there is no shoe like yours...?

Have you ever wished for a greener pastures...?

Have you ever wished you had enough....?

Have you ever wished that you fit in your crowd...?

Have you ever wished somebody knows your path...?

Have you ever...?

But then again, have you ever count your blessings...?

Monday, April 20, 2009

My quick Bintulu getaway

Just another unexpected last minute plan to drive to Bintulu for a family ocassion last week. I forgot the last time we went back to Bintulu together. So as soon as I finish my shift on friday, I speed back home, grab anything I could, get my mother and sister into the car, and cruise the highway to Bintulu. Nothing much for me to tell, so I just let the picture do the talking for me... *malas sebenarnya :)

As usual, mun bala udah rami, berambih la kita lunch

Udah kenyang makai, tinduk. Malam ka urang belaban poco-poco

Anak mit bergumbira

Apai urang bercerita sawit enggau tanah

Indai urang benung meng'update' pangan dirik

Apa yang sama dalam gambar ini? The rabbit tooth :) Paling kesian interframe top left corner ya, sik nampak muka. Setakat dapat royalti gigi jak

Star of the night, the one with the striped shirt. Both ngena baju stripe, both la star :)

Prayer commence

Panjai ka jari wai... Anang aja encuri

Barisan artis jemputan yang ditempah khas dari Pub Kitai, pasar Bintulu

Dengan function sedemikian besar, khidmat tenaga kerja asing amat diperlukan. Seorang dari Ireland, seorang dari New Delhi

Aiseh, sempat melawak time belagu praises?

Antara muka kazen-kazen yang cukup sigat. Apak tengah tensen, laban Sadam udah mabuk nyium bau ai semetik ajak, bedau gik ngirup

Star TV series indon satu masa dulu... Irfan. Heheheh...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm getting a new blank deck and I'm spraying it...

Not bad eh, for my new board's graphic. Easy to cut out and spray. Black on top of pink, its gonna be bangin'... I think my baby would love it too hehehe... Now, all I need is a new pink blank board...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Burung pipit berumah di rumahku...

A 'Burung Pipit Kaler Itam' (Ciak urasia) my mom stumbled upon while gardening. Saja ambik gambar, semadi kamera ada dalam beg time mau turun keja. Kecik jak the egg. The bird itself very kecik also. I don't know what angle shoud I get, sebab my focus is on the egg it self. If only I can play with the focus lense then it would be more interesting. Tok pakei AF jak (compact mah..) But not bad kan the quality. Any idea what else can I do with a compact camera? Nikon D50 is one of the cheapest SLR in the world. 6.1 MP, is it a good bargain for a beginner?

I wonder after hatch, what would happen to the birdies?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My first 2009 Post

Hahaha It's been decades since my last post. Never even bothered to, but somehow today I was triggered by a mysterious force (sikda pa la, saja mok post, sayang juak bah sebab dah ada blog, sik kan nak biar berkulat). There is no clear direction of this blog of mine. Its just about what I want to share with the world. Photography, Skateboarding, Movies etc... Tapau semua la, senang cerita. Anyway, this time I just wanna share some photos.

I have always been an enthusiast of Art and Nature. So photography is the quick tool to express my desire for the combination of these two element. I love exploring different angles and effects we can play with camera. Equipped with a compact Kodak Easyshare C803 for the time being, I could only come with simple snaps. But I'm planning to get my self a DSLR, preferably Nikon. Then invest on lense. Definitely Fish-eye is my first target (since I'm skateboarder and the photographers use Fish-eye lense to get the max angle of a skater performing a trick). However, lenses are not cheap. The price sometimes exceeds the DSLR body itself. Well, guess I just have to start saving or write a letter to Santa or just roll some dice to get 4 or 6 figure for lottery :) Have a nice day you all!

P/s: Nadai jako nya wai.... (I love this quote but it's kinda hard for me to translate. Help anyone?)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Life, life, life...

One day you're happy, the other you're sad. Have anybody figured out how this life works? Damn I get so many negative vibes from this few couple of months. What a terrible decision I made, what a mistake I've done. Hell like they're taking care of my life!!! But still, I thank them. Because with all that comments and views I'll take them as a motivation, as a challenge to prove you all how damn wrong you guys are. I'll bounce back hard and stronger, It'll my time to shine... just wait...

Okay done with spilling my emos, it has been another while since I post any blog. I don't have any ideas what to write. Probably just whatever I can think of at the moment. I am now back in Kuching, continuing my interesting life. Gotta leave Bintulu because of things I rather not mention here. Anyway, it's nice to be back in Kuching, I get to skate again, futsal and fishing... Most importantly, do my part in this big, big world of ours.